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Drywood Termites

Important Fumigation Forms

Homeowner's Fumigation Checklist
Work Authorization Agreement
Occupants Fumigation Notice and Pesticide Disclosure
Fumigation "Roof Release"
Fumigation "Plant Release"
MCF-99 Form
Fact Sheet for Vikane® Gas Fumigant

Termite Tenting (fumigation)

Termite tenting eliminates every single drywood termite including the ones that may be hidden from detection. Tenting is so clean that you wont' need to wash your dishes or counter when you return. This process eliminates the need for repairs from other invasive measures.

With termite tenting, people, pets and interior plants will need to be out of the structure for two nights. As a precaution food items should be placed in special bags that we provide or removed entirely.

Additional Information

What is Vikane®?

You value your property and only whole‑structure fumigation with Vikane® gas fumigant ensures elimination of destructive drywood termites from a structure. The No. 1 whole‑structure drywood termite treatment, Vikane has been trusted for nearly half a century in the treatment of more than 2 million structures. It's the best option for total‑home drywood termite protection.

Facts about drywood termites: